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HELLO EVERYONE! And Welcome to the NEW Succulents & Propagation Blog

Updated: Jan 25

We are so glad you made it to this page. Thank you for joining us!!


With this new blog segment, we are eager to share some of the knowledge we have collectively learned over our many years of caring for succulents. We trust that here we may be able to help answer any general question you may have about succulent care. So keep on scrolling with us to learn more!

Beginners Succulent Guide 101; How to propagate succulents? How to propagate succulent leaves? And much much more!

What We Have To Offer Everyone

In the About Us section, you may have read about the Succulents & Propagation group and how it all got started. To give a quick refresher, we are a Facebook succulent & cacti global community created to be supportive & helpful, which allows a free space for everyone to share confidently while treating each other with respect and kindness.

We Look Forward To Helping You Learn

In these following 101 guides, you will find many categories filled with facts and tips to help those newly learning how to understand more about what your succulents may or may not need.

Have succulent or cacti questions? Do not be scared to post about them in our Facebook group Succulents & Propagation for your specific regional needs, with over 260,000 people our members and mods are incredibly awesome and happy to assist! You may also Contact Us or comment on these blog posts with any questions you may have.

Thank you again for being here with us, we appreciate you all!

Hello There Are you interested in collaborating with other artists or being featured on our website? Do you offer any online DIY tutorials or workshops? If you are an experienced professional and would like to fact-check our posts, assist in writing or add your articles to our blog, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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