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General Succulent Care 101: Multi Guide To Help Every Beginning Succulent Lover

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Substrate, Pots, Watering, Fertilizing, Grow Lights & Much More!

We understand that joining into the succulent hobby may be confusing and possibly overwhelming at first. We hope to help ease those who are newly learning and or help those that just want to brush up on their common knowledge.

Photo by: Meghan Scholl


Succulents comprise an enormous category of plants, over 10,000 types that makeup about 60 families of species! Though commonly thought of as being from the desert they come from all kinds of environments from all over the world: hot deserts, wet tropics, windy islands, and freezing alpine regions. The term “succulent” does not refer to a family of related plants, but to any plant that has adapted to arid growing conditions by developing the ability to store water in its leaves, stems, and other structures. With this in mind, it’s not surprising to hear that there is A LOT of variability in the care of these plants. Not all require the same light, temperature, watering, or even soil needs.

So when it comes to caring, what DO succulents have in common?

  • Succulents do not like wet soggy roots! They need a well aerating and quick draining substrate. They enjoy lots of air pockets so that excess moisture can run through quickly, the roots can breathe, and the root zone can dry out within a few days.

  • As succulent plants dehydrate, the structures they store water in will deflate and become visibly thin or soft to the touch. This change is especially noticeable in succulent leaves, which will begin to wrinkle, curl, or fold up.

With this knowledge, we can start to provide some general care advice for these wide array of plants. Check out our topics below.

Easy To Follow 101 Guides

STAY TUNED.... New Posts Coming SOON!

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Succulent Dormancy Periods

Fungal, Diseases & Rot

Pests: Ewww, How To Deal

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This was great info!!! Learned a few new tips... Keep em coming S&P.

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